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In this support article you will read how to setup direct debits for invoices for owners of accommodations in Booking Experts.

An owner can start a direct debit payment for the invoices so there is no need to worry about making payments. After an authorization, this will start the automatic payment on a bank account.

The direct debit

Being able to pay invoices via direct debit is a module within Booking Experts. It is therefore possible that this module is not activated at your organization. In this case, please contact Support to turn on this module.

There are three important parts to keep an eye on with direct debit:

  1. Enabling the direct debit;
  2. Collecting the payment;
  3. Disabling the direct debit;

Note! When enabling the Direct Debit module, the "Owner invoice when a payment is still necessary" template needs to be edited (in case the original template is not in use). The following text needs to be added:

{% if invoice.mollie_recurring_payment_enabled? -%}
Two days from now, we will try to collect the outstanding amount of {{ locals.invoice_total_open }} by direct debit.
Please make sure that you have sufficient funds on your account on this date to be able to pay the invoice.

In the event of a failed attempt, we will try again on the following days to collect the invoice (up to a maximum of three attempts).
After that it will be possible to pay the invoice manually. In this case, make sure you have paid this amount before {{ locals.invoice_total_payment_deadline }}.
{%- else -%}
We kindly request you to pay the outstanding amount of {{ locals.invoice_total_open }} before {{ locals.invoice_total_payment_deadline }} by:

{{ payment_info }}
{%- endif %}

{{ locals.payment_log }}

Enabling direct debit

If the direct debit module is turned on, an owner can indicate in the overview that he wants to pay invoices per direct debit. To turn direct debit on, it needs to be authorized. This is done with an invoice payment. This can be done with an open invoice, or by creating a one-time owner invoice of €1.00.

  1. Select the invoice you want to pay;
  2. Click √ Pay via direct debit;
  3. Pay the invoice.
Make payment on invoice for direct debit
Pay invoice

Collecting the payment

When payment of invoices via direct debit is enabled, the owner will receive an e-mail. The e-mail will say that the invoice will soon be collected, so the owner can make sure there are sufficient funds on the account on the given date.

Direct debit email

Being unable to collect the payment

Number of attempts
Does a collection of a direct debit fails? Then we will make 3 more attempts. Every morning at around 10:00 we will try to collect all the direct debits. So every day we make a new attempt. 
Note: Does the owner cancel the direct debit? Then you can manually deduct the payment from the invoice in Booking Experts. The outstanding amount will then be collected again, provided the number of attempts has not yet expired. So if 3 attempts have already been made for an invoice, we will not try again later for that invoice (not even with manually debiting). Do you want to start a direct debit again? Then you can credit the invoice and create a new one. 
Notification to the owner
If a payment is not made within three attempts, an e-mail notification is sent to the owner. At that moment the possibility is offered to settle the invoice via the payment provider. We send the message template Owner notification of failed direct debit.
Direct debit amount too high
If, for example, the amount of a periodic invoice is too high, because it is higher than the limit set at payment provider Mollie, the message below will be sent to the owner. This indicates that the amount must be paid manually.
Unfortunately, the invoice from Park X with invoice number 123456 could not be collected automatically: The amount is too high for the  payment method that you have chosen for direct debit. Please pay the invoice manually. Click on the link below to go to the invoice. You can start a new payment from there.

Disabling direct debit

As owner you can choose to stop the direct debit. Do this by selecting an open invoice and clicking Disable direct debit payments.

Disable direct debit

Automatic disabling after failed payment collection

After three attempts to collect the outstanding amount, the system will disable the direct debit. If the owner would like to make use of this again, he will have to authorize it again by making a payment.

What you should keep in mind

The default limit
The standard limit for direct debits is 1000 euros at Mollie, but this can be increased on request. You need to contact Mollie for this.
The processing time
Processing a direct debit can take up to 5 days. We collect on the due date of the invoice. So these are falling behind.
The view in the invoice
If a direct debit is on the way, you can see this by the description "This invoice still has an open payment with attribute <code> at Mollie." on the invoice.
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