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In this support article you will read how to setup periodic costs for owners in Booking Experts.

You can charge periodic costs per owner. This includes park charges and costs for garden maintenance. You also process annual place holders in Booking Experts as being an owner. You also charge the costs of the annual place in this way.

1. Create periodic costs
2. Connect owner to periodic costs
3. Create periodic costs invoice
4. Skip periodic costs
5. Periodic cost custom period
6. Expected periodic cost invoice
7. Proposed periodical costs to be invoiced
8. Overview agreements/periodic costs per owner
9. Frequently asked questions periodic costs invoice

Create periodic costs

The periodic costs must first be created before they can be charged to an owner.

1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. In the right submenu, select Standard periodic costs;
3. Click New periodic cost.

Create periodic cost item

When creating a periodic cost, you have the option to choose between three different options.

  • An annual price
    A periodic cost with an annual price is a cost that applies to the period of a full year. These are fixed costs that recur annually. The starting date of the annual price is the date on which the agreement with the owner commences or the date on which the first invoice is sent to the owner.
  • An annual price with fixed settlement date
    A periodic cost can also be set as an annual price with fixed settlement date. This gives you the opportunity to invoice the owner (or annual place holders) at fixed times of the year. This option differs from the above option (year amount) because in this case, you have to invoice an annual amount on a fixed date.
  • A fixed price per invoice
    Periodic costs with a fixed price per invoice can be used for one-time or occasional invoicing to an owner. There is no period for this invoice and/or cost because the calculation of the cost on the invoice does not depend on the period for which the invoice is being invoiced.
Create periodic invoice

4. After you have made a choice from one of the above options, fill in the rest of the data. At the price you have the possibility to specify a future price for a future period;
5. If applicable, you can create an automatic task that you link to the periodic cost. For example, you can choose a task 'legionella check' if an accommodation has not been rented for more than x-number of days;
6. Click Update standard periodic cost to save the data.

Create periodic cost item

Connect owner to periodic costs

1. Find the accommodation that the owner is linked to or that you want to link the owner to;
2. Go to the Owners tab;
3. Then click New;

Create periodic cost item

4. Select the costs to be paid by the owner. If a charge is applicable, but you want to deviate the price of the periodic cost, you can enter the adjusted price at Custom price. This is useful when, for example, you use a price per m2 and you want to determine the price for the rent per owner;
5. Click Update agreement.

Create periodic cost item

Create periodic costs invoice

If the costs are assigned to an owner, then an invoice can be created.

1. Go to the owner's show page;
2. Click Periodic invoice at the accommodation you want to make the invoice for;

Create periodic cost item

3. Then you see an overview of the periodic costs that you can charge to this owner.

Create periodic cost item

As you can see in the picture above, you can take several actions.

In the first instance, you have the option to create an invoice. In this example, we choose to charge the administration fee. At the moment that we charge the administration fee, the other periodical costs to be charged will remain in the overview.

In the overview the periodic costs are displayed in groups. This grouping is based on the starting date of the periodic cost.

Create periodic cost item

Skip periodic cost

Do you want to temporarily not charge the owner for the cost, but charge them again at a later time? Then you can choose to skip the periodic cost. The cost will then appear in the overview of skipped periodics. The cost will then be saved and will only be skipped for the specified period.

Clicking the button Do not skipat the cost, the cost will appear again between the periodic costs to be invoiced.

Create periodic cost item

Periodic cost custom period

If you choose to create a periodic invoice, you have the option to select a custom period for the invoice. This option is interesting for costs with an annual price because one amount is set for the whole year. This option allows you to divide the annual price into (multiple) parts and invoice it.

When selecting the custom period, you can set a different period for each periodic cost, such as advancing the end date. The system then divides the invoice into two parts: an invoice for the custom period and an invoice for the remaining period. On the invoice, you will find the number of days that have been charged for the cost in question.

Create periodic cost item

For example: Two of the four periodic costs are billed according to a custom period. See the screenshot above. The two (partially) charged costs appear at the bottom of the screen on the concept invoices. Click on Send to send the concept invoices. See the screenshot below.

Create periodic cost item

In the example above, the two periodic costs are charged up to and including 30-09-2019. For the rest of the period (1-10-2019 till 31-03-2020) the periodic costs will appear in the overview of payable costs.

Expected periodic cost invoice

When creating the owner, you can specify when the owner should receive the first invoice and whether he will pay it in advance.

For example, is the date of the first invoice on 01-04-2019? The owner will show up each year in the overview Expect periodic invoice. This overview can be found in the right submenu within the Owners tab.

The following invoices will be prepared based on the last invoiced period. For example: last invoiced period is 01-01 till 31-12. Next year the invoice will be prepared on 17-12. This is 14 days before the last invoiced period.

Optionally you can collect and send the invoices earlier by unchecking.

1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. Choose Expect periodic invoice in the right submenu;
3. Turn off the check mark for invoices that have to be sent more than 14 days in advance;
4. Click Invoice for the owner whose invoice you want to send.

Create periodic cost item

Proposed periodical costs to be invoiced

In the " Expected periodical invoice" summary, Booking Experts will provide you with a proposed selection of periodical costs which have to be paid over (different) periods.

In this, agreements are grouped based on:

1. Period to be paid;
2. Periodical costs that need to be paid.

Periodical propositions

Displaying periods and costs in groups gives you the opportunity to send the matching periods in bulk. Besides this, you are able to change the invoice date of the invoices in bulk here.

After the invoices have been created they can be found in the concept invoice overview.

By filtering here on the kind of invoice and the creation date it is possible to send a whole selection an email at once, mark it as sent manually or delete the selection.

Overview agreements/periodic costs per owner

You can export the appointments of all owners. This way, you can see which periodic costs are charged to each owner.

1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. Then go in the menu over right to Agreements;
. Click on the right on Export.

Frequently asked questions periodic costs invoice

The owner does not have a button to create a periodic invoice. How can I create an invoice?
You can only create periodic invoices with an owner who is active. When an owner is inactive, no recurring invoice can be created.

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