Owner and viewing reservations and reservation details

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In this support article you will read how to grant access rights for owners to viewing reservations and reservation details.

If an owner can view reservations, you can also determine whether this owner can view reservation details. With reservation details, the owner will see the reservation overview, the invoices and the selected extras per reservation.


1. Go to the Accommodation;
2. Click on the tab Owners;
3. You can choose to Edit an existing agreement by clicking on the starting date or you can add a new change by clicking + New;


4. By Access Rights, click the options Can view reservation and Owner can view reservationdetails;
5. Save your changes.


The owner can now view details of reservations made for their accommodation. On their personal page, a tab will now appear with details of reservations. These details can be exported if so desired.


For each owner that can view bookings, you can determine whether detailed information is displayed.

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