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In this support article you will read how to authorize an owner to accept or reject bookings made for the relevant accommodation of the owner. The owner can view new bookings from their portal, and accept these directly or reject these for a specified reason. The owner also receives a confirmation email for each new booking.

When a booking is accepted a booking confirmation is sent. If the booking is rejected, your park will receive a confirmation email and internal message notifying you of this. You can then cancel the booking with the owner and offer the visitor an alternative.

Please note! This option is only visible if the owner is authorized to view booking details.

1. Authorizing an owner
2. Status outstanding bookings

Authorizing an owner

1. Go to the Accommodation;
2. Click on the tab Owners;
3. You can choose to Edit an existing agreement by clicking on the starting date or you can add a new change by clicking + New;


4. By Access Rights Click the options Owner must verify bookings;
5. Save your changes.

For every booking made for this accommodation, the owner must take action themselves by accepting or rejecting the booking.

Status outstanding bookings

1. Go to the Reservations tab
2. You can use the filter to filter reservations with the status of:

- Option (reservations that have not yet been confirmed as an option by the owner)
- Accepted option (reservations confirmed as an option by the owner)
- Confirmed (all accepted reservations)
- Canceled (all canceled reservations)
- To be verified (owner has not yet responded)
- Rejected (owner has rejected the reservation, these must be canceled

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