Creating a rent settlement

🇳🇱 Nederlandse vertaling

In this support article you will read how to create a rent settlement for owners in Booking Experts.

You can create a rent settlement at any time you wish, for example if the accommodation has changed owners.

1. Find the owner through the general search page;
2. Open the owner's show page;
3. Click Rent settlement; (if agreements with the owners have been changed, you need to select the period within which the rent settlement should occur) (if these buttons are not visible, you must first activate the owner through Edit);


4. Select the period from which you wish to create a settlement;
5. If any reservations fall within this period they will be displayed;
6. The commission agreement as agreed upon with the owner will be displayed for verification;
7. Click Create Settlement and the invoice will be created;
8. After verifying the invoice it can be sent by email or regular mail.

If an incorrect rent settlement is sent by accident, you can credit and recreate this invoice.
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