1. Creating an event 
2. Placing an event on your site

1. Creating an event

Do you have a fun activity at the park or in its surrounding area? You can create an event in order to highlight it.

Creating event:

1. In the left submenu, choose  Events.
2. Click  New;

3. Provide the name and a description of the event;
4. If you don't want the event to be visible on the site immediately, you can indicate  hidden, if it needs to become visible on a certain date, select Visible later and enter the 'starting from' date.
4. Determine the start and end date for the event;
5. You can determine per language whether the event should be visible;

6. Indicate whether you want to add a subsequent link

  • Choose External URL if, for example, you want to link to the website of the event.
  • If you choose internal detail page, a page will be created for it immediately.
  • If you choose no subsequent link, the reference will be purely informational and the user will not be able to click further.

7. Determine whether the event is at the park itself or in the area around the park.
8. Click  Save or Save and add another one if you would like to create another event now.

2. Placing an event on your website

The moment you have created one or more events, you can display them at any place on the website by means of a widget.

Placing widget events:

1. Click the  green + symbol at the place where you want to display the events;
2. Next, click events;

3. If desired, provide a title and/or subtitle;
4. Determine which events you want to display, you can choose from:

  • events at the park;
  • events in the area;
  • events at the park and in the area.

5. Choose how the widget will be displayed.

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