Costs and stock

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If you click on a cost item, you will see an overview of the cost settings. This is useful to quickly check the setup of a cost item.

1. How often is a cost item booked?
2. Different prices for the cost item
3. Stock management
4. Inspection of stock

How often is a cost item booked?

In the overview we show you the last 25 reservations which have the cost item booked. If you wish to see the grand total of all the bookings for this cost item you can by making an export of the invoice lines and filtering on the cost item. Based on this you can see how often this cost item has been booked in a certain period.

Different prices for the cost item

If you have different prices for a cost item this can be seen by clicking on the blue linked amount of prices:

Stock management

When selectability is chosen for Selection by guest then you get the possibility to enter a stock. You use this for example to check whether there are no more children's beds rented than present. The system checks every night based on the reservations for the coming month whether there is an overlap with the stock. 
1. Go to the Setup tab;
2. In the right submenu, choose Costs;
3. Click on the cost item you want to edit;
4. At Price, enter the number you have in stock;
5. Determine the price calculation: This can be for example: per stay, per person per night, per pet etc. If you choose a percentage, then the amount you enter is also directly the percentage. If you choose another option, it is a fixed amount;
Stock management (for all cost items applicable per piece/stay)
- How many of these costs are available (bike rental);  
- Stop sales when maximum stock is reached;  
- The maximum number that can be purchased in 1 reservation.

6. Click on Save cost item to save the changes.

Inspection of stock

By clicking on the name of the cost item you will see a graph in which you can see at a glance how the stock is in proportion to the purchase.

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