Adjustable reservation fields

In the ParkCMS it is possible to adjust the fields that a customer needs to fill in during the reservation proces on the website. 

You can find these Reservation fields in the ParkCMS in the 'Search & book' menu -> 'Reservation fields'. 

The following fields will be used as standard:

What are the possibilities?

In above screenshot you see all the possible fields including the current status. The following statuses can be used:

Required: This means the field is required and must be filled in by the customer;

Optional: This means the field isn't required to fill in and the customer is free to do what he wants;

Hidden: This means the field is hidden and won't be showed as a field during the reservation.

How to change the status

The status of a field can be adjusted by clicking on a specific field and then select the desired status. See screenshot below as an example.

If you want to change the status of the 'Date of birth' field to a required, optional or hidden field, then choose one of these three possibilities and click 'Save'.

You will see that the field is no longer displayed, is optional or is required when making a new reservation.

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