Media - Images and tags

  1. Add image
  2. Create and delete tags
  3. Retrieving images

Add image

If you want to use images on the website, you first have to upload these in the CMS

1. Go in the menu on the left to content;
2. Click on media;
3. Choose new from file;

4. Select the desired image(s) on your computer;
5. Add a tag, so you can find the image more easily later. You can do this in two ways:

  • Choose an existing tag (created earlier) by clicking on the text box and select the correct tag.

  • Create a new tag by typing it in yourself, for example Veluwe or camping site. Click on Add <name of the tag> which will appear under the text box.

6. Finally, choose save.

Create and delete tags

Do you want to give a new tag to existing images or delete the tag of an existing image? Do this by following these steps:

1. Click on the image whose tag you want to change;
2. Choose in the right hand corner for edit tags;

3. Choose at tags to add the new tag that you want to assign;
4. Choose at tags to delete the tag that you want to delete;
5. Then click on save.

Retrieving images

The tags help you to retrieve the images again more easily. You do this by clicking in the right hand corner on with tags. This allows you to browse through the tags and find the right image.

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