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This article explains how to filter statistics for a special period.

1. Create special periods
2. Edit special periods
3. Special period in price list
4. Statistics

You can compare periods in the statistics. You can create special periods for this, such as Easter. In this way you can see how Easter has compared this year to the years before. This will let you know if you have made progress during this period this year. 

Create special periods

To create the special periods for the statistics: 

1. Click on the Sprocket at the top right; 
2. In the right submenu, click on Special periods;
3. Click on New;

4. Enter the period name and set the desired period(s). You can do this in the same period group for each year;
5. Click Add Special Period.

Edit special periods

If a special period has already been created and the date is not correct, it is possible to adjust this period. You can also add the period for the new year to the current period group. This adjustment will therefore also be included in the statistics.

To get here:

1. Click on the Sprocket at the top right;
2. In the right submenu, click on Special periods;
3. Click on the period you want to edit.

Special periods in the price list

When you have set the special periods, you will see them in the price list when you hover your mouse over the calendar.

1. Click on Setup in the green bar;
2. Click on Price lists in the right submenu;
3. Click on a price list for which you want to view this;
4. Hover your mouse on the calendar icon.

By clicking on the weekly overview you can see exactly which days fall in the special period.


After the period has been created, you can set this period as a filter in the statistics.

1. Click on Statistics in the green bar;
2. Choose what you want to view the statistics for;
3. Set the desired filters.

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