Label guests

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This article explains how to create a guest label and how to label a guest.

1. Create label
2. Add label to guest

It is possible to label a guest within Booking Experts. For example, you can give a guest who has visited your park several times the label loyal guest. This way you quickly insight what type of guest this is. Please note: these labels are for internal use. The guest does not see this label himself.

Create label

1. Go to the tab Guests;
2. Choose in the right sub menu Labels;
3. Click on New to create a new label;

New Label

4. Enter the  Name and select a color;
5. Then click on  Save.

aanmaken label

Add label to guest

1. Search the guest via the  General Search Field;
2. Select the guest by clicking on their  Name;

3. Click at  Labels on the pencil icon and select the label or labels that you want to add to the guest.

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