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This article explains how to handle a late checkout within Booking Experts. 

1. Set up late check-out
2. Cost item late check-out
3. Book late check-out in the backoffice
4. Late check-out in search & book
5. Display

For each type you set whether a late check-out is allowed and until which time you can check out. You determine the price of the late check-out with a cost item. For example, you can charge a different amount for each type. When a late check-out is booked, Booking Experts automatically blocks the night of check-out.

Set up late check-out

At the type level you set whether a late check-out is allowed. You choose until what time you can check out. You can set this when creating a new type or by editing an existing type.

1. Click on Setup in the menu bar;
2. In the right submenu click on Types;
3. Choose + New and create a type or click on the existing type for which you want to set this;

4. Then click the Edit button;
5. In the Details, check Allow late check-out;
6. Choose whether late check-out is also allowed via the front office and external channels;
7. Determine the late check-out time. This is set to 17:00 by default.

Note: You must then create a cost item for late checkout. We explain this in the step below.

Cost item late check-out

Of course you want people to pay extra for a late checkout. After you have set the late check-out at type level, you can create a cost item for this.

1. Click in the menu bar on Setup;
2. Click on Costs in the right submenu;
3. Click on the button + New cost;
4. Under the heading 'General settings' under 'Type of cost', set Late check-out;
5. Under the heading 'General settings' under section 'Selectability', set Mandatory;
6. Under the heading 'Validity', set the check mark Late check-out costs. This will ensure that this cost item is seen as a cost for a late check-out.

Book late check-out in the backoffice

After the late check-out has been set at type level and as a cost item, the late check-out can be booked on a reservation. You can set when making a reservation or after the reservation has been made.

1. Open the reservation for which you want to process the late check-out;
2. Click Edit;
3. Choose Late check-out;

4. Select Late check-out enabled. This ensures that the late check-out is applied;

5. Click Save. The late check-out is now booked. The invoice will look like this:

Late check-out in search & book

Guests can book the late check-out in the search & book. There are three requirements for this:
  1. Late checkout must be allowed for the front office at the type settings;
  2. There must be a mandatory late checkout charge that applies to your own website;
  3. The departure date must not be occupied.

If one of these three requirements is missing, the guest cannot book the late check-out through the front office / search & book.


You can see that the reservation has a late check-out in the planboard, in the reservations overview and in the reservation itself.

The reservation:
Late check-out will be shown in the reservation as follows.

Reservation overview:
You will also see this label in the reservations overview.

This is also made visible in the planboard. This is shown in the planboard as well as the extensive information about the reservation (when you click on the reservation in the planboard).

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