Email - Abandoned Cart

Within the ParkCMS, a functionality has been built in to enable the sending of an abandoned cart mail. The system checks whether an email address has been entered during the reservation process, but no actual reservation has been made. These visitors will then receive an email an hour / an hour and a half later. 

What does this mail look like?

The mail cannot be modified in terms of design or text. The following fields are automatically loaded into this email.

'Complete reservation' The link behind this button takes the user back to the last step of the reservation..

klant_naam > name of the customer 
category_naam > name of accommodation type 
arrival_date > the arrival date selected by the customer 
depature_date > the depature date selected by the customer 
telephone_number* > the phone number as set under organization settings 
email_address* > the email address set as 'Contact email' under the Search and Book Settings in the ParkCMS 
reservation_number > the number of the reservation 
organization_name > Name of organization / park 

*Send mail without contact details? 
If you have not entered a telephone number or email address, this information will not be provided. The mail will then look like this:

How can I view the performance of the mail?

We have provided the link behind the 'Complete reservation' button with UTM tagging, so you can view the statistics of users who have clicked on the link in Google Analytics.

We provide the following UTM tags:
utm_campaign= abandoned_cart_email

By going to 'Acquisition'> 'Campaigns' in Analytics, you will find the ' abandoned_cart_email' campaign. 
Go to 'Acquisition' > 'All traffic' > 'Source/medium' and type the search term abandoned. It can be possible that the data is not shown directly, if so try to change the date range to 30 days for example.

How can I activate this mail?

This is an admin functionality and can only be activated by Booking Experts. Would you like to use the abandoned cart email, please send us an email to

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