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Do you want to have a link with Buckaroo? Below we explain step-by-step how you can authorize Booking Experts to collect payments for you.  

1. Settings at Buckaroo
2. What do we need from you for setting up the link?
3. What do we check?

Settings at Buckaroo

1. Make sure you create an account at Buckaroo. You can do this from the Buckaroo website. Then continue with step 2. 
Note: Do you already have an account? Then you can continue from the next step. 
2. Log in to Buckaroo. This is possible from the Buckaroo website ( click here for the correct link). 
3. Click on My Buckaroo in the left menu;
4. In the left menu choose Employees and then Overview;
5. Click on the Actions button and then on New Employee;
6. Enter all data;
Please note: set that we have administrator rights and use the e-mail address: payments@bookingexperts.nl.

7. Save the new employee and agree to the terms and conditions.

8. Please inform support@bookingexperts.nl that you are done with the settings. An employee of Booking Experts will check the settings. 

In order to set up the link, we need the following information:

  • Buckaroo key
  • Secret key
  • You can read below where you can find these keys.
9. It is important to test the link properly by making test bookings. For example via iDeal: you will then be redirected to the environment of your own bank.

What do we need from you for setting up the link?

In order to set the link, we need to know the website key and secret key. This information is in the portal of Buckaroo. 

The website key is called Buckaroo key, you can find it over here:

You can find the secret key over here: 

What do we check?

If we have access, we log in to Buckaroo and check if the following important settings are correct. 

For Push URI Success and Push URI Failure, https://app.bookingexperts.nl/nl/payments/state should be set. If you change your reservation system, switch to Booking Experts and keep your Buckaroo account, this will have to be adjusted.
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