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Do you want to handle online payments well? Then link with Mollie. Mollie is characterized by her ease, speed and security regarding online payments. 

Within 15 minutes you can set up an account. All you have to do is follow their step-by-step plan and fill in your account as completely as possible. 

1. Set up your account
2. What do we need from you for linking?
3. Frequently asked questions

Set up your account

Here we explain step-by-step how to create an account at Mollie with the right settings.

1. Go to their website and create an account now;

2. Choose the functionary and use a company email address;

Registering Mollie3. Go to 'Settings' in the menu;

4. Create a website profile;

Website profile creating step 1

Note: It's important that it must be a live website profile and it should have a live website profile API key to be able to link these.

4. Fill in all necessary info in order to start;

Website profile creating step 2
6. Choose the payment methods you want to offer;
7. Save the data;

Create website profile 3

8. Click on 'Live and Test API keys' to find your API key;

Finding API key

9. Send the Live API key to Support via

Create website profile 4

What do we need from you for linking?

Only the API key. We explain above in step 7 where you can find the live API key. 

Frequently asked questions

Which payment methods are linked?
At Mollie, you set which payment methods you want to use. This is done by checking the checkboxes of the desired payment methods. You can always change this. 
We advise you to always look at your guest group. Do you receive many German guests? Think of Paypal. Do you receive many Belgians? Think about Bancontact. A complete overview of the possibilities and current rates can be found on the website of Mollie
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