Hidden costs

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This article explains how to create a cost item that is outside your financial administration.
It may happen that you want to offer a cost item to your guests, but that the billing does not go through the park. For example, you want to attach an automatic task to this cost item, so that this task appears in the task list of the restaurant.
An example of this is a snack board that the guest can book, which is then provided by the restaurant of the park. The advantage of this is that this cost item can be offered by the park, but that the invoicing is done correctly and that the restaurant sees the automatic task in its task list.
This can be set in the cost item under the heading invoicing. By choosing Do not invoice, the cost item will not be invoiced, but the cost item will appear on the reservation invoice. The guest can then see that this cost item must be paid upon arrival.

Please note: A cost item where Do not invoice is set up cannot be offered in a package. A separate cost item will then have to be created for this package.

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