Stock management in package without discount on rent

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In this article we explain how you can charge an optional or back office cost item in a package without a discount on rent and without mandatory costs.

If you want to create a package without discount promotion on rent with a cost item that, for example, is set per night or per person per night with a stock and you want to charge a fixed amount for this, you can process this through two cost items in this package. You create one cost item with a stock and one cost item without stock.

In this way, the stock is running smoothly and any automatic tasks that are linked to the cost item. If the package is booked, the stock will be deducted.

Please note: This is only valid if you want to keep the stock running smoothly when you use a package without a discount on rent.

Below you can see an example of two cost items that are processed in a package:

  • Children's bed per night for € 10 with a stock of 15 pieces.
  • Children's bed (package) fixed price without stock.

If you want to create a package in which you want to overwrite the price of this cost item, do this as follows:

  • Add the cost item children's bed (with stock) to the package and set € 0.
  • Add the cost item children's bed (package - without stock) and set the desired price.

Please note: In the image above, 'with stock and without stock' have been processed to make it clearer for you as a reader. You do not have to show this to the guest.
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