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In this support article we explain how the link with Ferienhausmiete.de can be realized.

1. Type of link
2. What can you do

Type of link

Ferienhausmiete.de is a direct pull link. This means that Ferienhausmiete.de itself retrieves the data from Booking Experts. The data includes availability and prices (rent and additional costs). You can link with Ferienhausmiete.de through the API key.
The type of price list supported for this link is the complicated price list. Ferienhausmiete.de is a reseller. The reservation is made through Ferienhausmiete.de and the holiday park collects the money itself. Only a guest invoice is issued for each reservation.

What can you do?

Do you want to link with this channel? Then you can contact Ferienhausmiete.de. In Booking Experts you create the channel Ferienhausmiete.de as a reseller. When a link is made with this channel, it is important that you set the cost items accordingly.
Ferienhausmiete.de will add your administration to their travel agency.
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