Booking Experts - Google Maps (free version)

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In the CMS you will find a widget that allows you to display the Google Maps on the website. The widget you can use for this is the Google Maps (free version) widget

Google Maps (free version)

Please note that before you want to use the map widget, you need a Google Maps API key.

1. Click on the  green [+] sign  where you want to display the map;
2. Then choose Google Maps (free version) from Media section;

3. If desired, provide a  title and/or subtitle
4. Add a query;
        - a comma seperated address or
        - the name of the organization that directly leads to a single location on Google Maps;
5. If desired, you can adjust the level of zoom;
6. If desired, you can adjust the height of the map;
7. Click   Save.

Via Preview you can view the map at the front office.

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