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With the arrival of the App Store, the energy systems link with ICY has been converted to an application. In this article we explain how to install it for your own administration(s).

1. Installing the application
2. Linking accommodations
3. Synchronize manually
4. ICY and the reservation
  4.1 Reading the meter at check-in and check-out
  4.2 At the reservation overview

1. Installing the application

In order to install the application you need to have access to the App Store, in this case there will be a market stall at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar. If you don't have this yet, ask Support to activate the App Store for you.

1. Click on the icon for the  App Store;
2. Then choose the  ICY Application;
3. Click on + Install within the application;
4. Here you see an overview of what the application can see in your administration(s);
5. Choose the administration(s) for which this application is to be installed and click on Install;
6. The application has successfully been authorized, click on OK to continue;
7.  Under Commands, select Settings;
8. Enter the following data:
* You can request these details from ICY:
- Username*;
- Password*;
- Organization*;
- Branch*;
- Enable 'Warm Welcome' by default if desired;
- Set desired maximum power;
- Set desired step size for the power;
- Set a default power if desired.
Save the settings.

The application was installed successfully! 🎉

2. Linking accommodations

When you have successfully installed the application, a link will have to be made for the accommodations. We can migrate this from the physical link to the app, you only need to perform a check. 

1. Under Commands, select Linked accommodations;

2. Select the corresponding accommodation from the relevant accommodation(s) as arranged within ICY;

3. Save the linked accommodations.

3. Synchronize manually

It is possible to synchronize all current and future reservations to ICY, which you can use if you feel that the app is lagging behind.
Simply click on Synchronize under Commands.

4. ICY and the reservation

When you have installed the ICY application, there are several sections where this is reflected in the reservation:
1. Reading the meter at check-in and check-out;
2. At the reservation overview.

4.1 Reading the meter at check-in and check-out

When you check-in or check-out a reservation you get the option to automatically read the meter readings of the relevant accommodation from ICY and fill these in within Booking Experts. 
Please note! For this your ' measurer' for electricity needs to be marked as 'Electricity' in Booking Experts.
1. Go to the relevant reservation;
2. Click on check-in or check-out;
3. Click on Autofill;

4.2 At the reservation overview

When a reservation is made on an accommodation linked to ICY, you can view the details of this reservation in the ICY system. You will see an Applications button at the top of the reservation.

Here you can view the details of the linked reservation as they are known to ICY. You can also change them here if you wish.

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