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The Wait application gives guests access to magazines, books and audiobooks during their stay (via their own phone and/or tablet, mainly in Dutch). Guests pay a one-off fee for access to Wait and it is only valid during their stay. In this article we explain how to install it for your own administration(s).

1. Installing the application
2. Set Application message templates
3. Resend activation mail

Before you can start installing the Wait application a cost item needs to be created within Booking Experts. The cost item will function as the base for the link that will be added to the reservation by Wait and needs to have the following settings: 
  • Name: Wait;
  • Type: Other;
  • Selectability: Selection by guest (can be chosen during reservation and upgrade)
  • Applicability: All types and channels
  • Pricing: Per item
  • Standard prices: €4,95
  • General ledger account: An individually selected/set up turnover account with 9% VAT
  • Validity: Always.

1. Installing the application

In order to install the application you need to have access to the App Store, in this case there will be a market stall at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar. If you don't have this yet, ask Support to activate the App Store for you.

1. Click on the icon for the  App Store;
2. Then choose the  Wait App;

3. In the application, click  Install;

4. Here is an overview of what the application can see in your administration(s);
5. Select the administration(s) for which this application is to be installed and click  Install;

6. Log in with your Wait login details;

7. The application has been authorized. Click on Return to Booking Experts to continue;
8. Under Commands, select Settings;

9. You will be redirected to the Wait management system;
10. Here you see an overview of all linked administrations from Booking Experts. Per administration you need to connect a Wait environment, this environment keeps track of the statistics per administration;
11. Also link the created cost item for 'Wait' per administration;
12. Click on Return to Booking Experts when you are finished.

The application was installed successfully! 🎉

2. Set Application message templates

When you have successfully installed the application, a tab will be displayed under the Templates submenu, the Application Message Templates. You will need to personalize and activate these before sending the Introduction and Activation email.
1. Go to the Gear icon;
2. In the submenu, choose Templates;
3. Choose Application message templates;
4. Click on the name of the email to edit it;

Please note! the tag {{ wait_access_links }} must be used to provide access to the Wait app to the guest in the mail or text message.

5. If desired, choose to send the template by sms (for this you need to have a MessageBird account linked to the administration);
6. Save the application message template.

3. Resend activation mail

It is possible to resend the activation email from within the reservation if a guest has not received it.
1. Go to the booking in question;
2. Click on Applications at the top and then choose Wait: Send activation mail.

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