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The App gives you the possibility to link Booking Experts to and thus to offer your offer targeted and international. In this article we explain how you can install it for your own administration(s).

1. Installing the application
2. Link administrations
3. Linking types to an administration
4. Push information
5. Retrieve reservations manually
6. Frequently asked questions

What can you do to set up the connection?

If you don't already have an account with

  1. Sign up with
  2. Make agreements about commissions and such
  3. Create the types in, you also need to add photos.
If you already have an account with and/or have completed the above steps:
  1. Select us as channel manager;
    In Extranet select Account -> Connectivity provider:

    Search for Booking Experts and set up the connection
  2. Choose for a full connection (bi-directional): the provider processes both 'Prices & Availability' and 'Reservations';
  3. Booking Experts receives a message of this which needs to be accepted;
  4. Where you have chosen us as your channel manager you can now accept the connection;
  5. The link is active!

1. Installing the application

In order to install the application you need to have access to the App Store, in this case there will be a market stall at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar. If you don't have this yet, ask Support to activate the App Store for you.

1. Click on the icon for the     App Store;
2. Then choose the   Application;

3. Click on   +Install within the application;

4. Here you see an overview of what the application can see in your administration(s);
5. Choose the administration(s) for which this application is to be installed and click on   Install;

6. The application is authorized. Click   OK to continue.

Please note: when linking channels, the Standard payment scheme is automatically selected. You can change this in Booking Experts by going to the Cog icon Channels. Here you can click a channel and press the blue edit button where you can adjust the payment scheme. 

The application was installed successfully! 🎉

2. Link administrations

In order to display your offer on you need to set up a link per administration.
1. At Commands, select Linked administrations;
2. Click + Add;
3. Set the following items:
  1. Whether the link is active;
  2. Whether you want to send all-in prices; (prices are sent per person, based on the rent and mandatory costs)
  3. Choose the administration you want to link;
  4. Choose the billing method;
    1. Let Booking Experts handle payments; (Reseller)
    2. Let handle payments; (Tour operator)
  5. Enter the Hotel ID;

    You can find the Hotel ID in the Extranet (Group Homepage) of This is the overarching ID, for example 830876.
  6. Choose the currency in which you want to send the prices;
  7. Add the linked administration.

3. Linking types to an administration

Active linked Booking Experts types are synchronized with the corresponding accommodations at
1. Go to the linked administration for which you want to set up a type link;
2. Click on the figure under linked types;
3. Click + Add;
4. Enter the data;
When creating the link type, you need to set the internal type. This is the type in Booking Experts. The External ID is your Hotel ID + 2 more numbers. In the above section we have given an example of a Hotel ID: 830876. The External ID is then 83087601. You can find the External ID in the Extranet of under Prices & Availability - LOS Price Table. In this overview you can see your type of connections. Here you will see the External ID and your rate plan(s), such as the standard rate. The rate plan in is your rate plan when you create your link type in Booking Experts.

5. Add the linked type.

4. Push information

It is possible to manually push the current price and availability information if you want to immediately process changes for a particular type.
1. Go to the linked type;
2. Click on the external ID of the type;
3. Click on the button of the desired action.

5. Retrieve reservations manually

It is possible, if you feel that the synchronization of is lagging, to retrieve the reservations manually.
1. Go to the linked administrations;
2. Click on the hotel ID of the administration;

3. Click Fetch reservations to manually synchronize the latest reservations.

6. Frequently asked questions

6.1 What we synchronize

When you are linked with, we take care of the right:
  • Availability; 
  • Prices based on the total number of people or on the guest group (All-in prices);
  • Entering the reservations and changes in your reservation system.
Here you have two options:
  1. Synchronizing bare rental prices;
  2. Synchronizing all-in prices. (In case of an indexation this will be over the rent and mandatory costs)
In both cases you need to indicate in your 'Policies' page at 'Additional costs & surcharges' which costs are in- or exclusive within the displayed price.
Cost items
  1. When you choose to synchronize the basic rental price, you need to manually create the mandatory costs in Booking Experts as well. When this is not done the price will not match the price in Booking Experts;
  2. When you choose for synchronization of all-in prices, you need to make sure you have the right settings for the different (mandatory) costs. In this synchronization, both the rental price and the mandatory costs are synchronized. The mandatory costs must also be created manually for, so that these cost items are shown in when a reservation is made. However, you will need to specify that these costs are included in the all-in price. If you choose not to include the mandatory costs with, only the all-in price will be shown. Please note that guests may ask questions about the all-in price. They will not know if a certain cost, such as cleaning, is included.

6.2. How will reservations be processed through

When your guest makes a reservation via he will go through the following steps:
  1. Making the reservation, whereby the guest has an overview of the various costs which are included in the price or which will be invoiced;
  2. The guest will receive, next to the confirmation from, a confirmation from Booking Experts on behalf of the park, in which the reservation is reconfirmed and the guest can make a possible payment;
  3. The reservation will continue to be recorded like any other reservation, which means that, for example, auto-emails will also be sent to these reservations.

6.3. How are cancellations processed?

When a reservation is cancelled in this cancellation will be processed in Booking Experts.

You will receive an internal message, so you can create and send the correct cancellation invoice if needed.

6.4 My accommodation is not online, but there is a link, how is this possible?

There are several reasons why your accommodation is not online with, these are:
  1. The accommodation is not visible and bookable because:
    1. We do not yet have the correct access to as described at the beginning of this article;
    2. The accommodation in is set for a different number of persons than in Booking Experts (it is linked based on the number of seniors and adults). So a 6 person accommodation that can accommodate 4 adults and 2 children will have to be offered for 4 adults;
    3. has closed the link due to unpaid invoices;
    4. The accommodation is still closed in Extranet. To open it, please contact your account manager.

6.5 I have multiple accommodations under 1 Hotel ID with, can I also link one single accommodation?

It is not possible to link just one accommodation within 1 Hotel ID. When the link is set, it is for every accommodation within this Hotel ID.

What you can do if you want to do this is to create a new Hotel ID for the single accommodation and place the accommodation on this new ID.

6.6 Will the prices I previously entered in be preserved when I decide to activate the link?

The prices you entered manually earlier for the different accommodations in will not be saved by when the link is set to active. This means that Booking Experts has not yet been set up as channel manager at, so the link and XML connection are not yet turned on by us. Is this the case? Then the prices entered with will be deleted. Prices will also not be saved if the link has been created, but the link in Booking Experts is set to inactive.

6.7 Will the credit card details I receive from be stored?

We do not store the guest's credit card information in the reservation.
This restriction is imposed by and not by Booking Experts. has strict rules regarding the security of credit card data. Users who are linked to must therefore be very careful when processing reservations.
The rules have been set up because of the privacy sensitivity of the information. The following is therefore applicable to credit card details when making reservations with
  • The credit card details will be stored for a maximum of 10 days;
  • These data can be displayed up to a maximum of 3 times per reservation;
  • In addition, the CVC information can be displayed a maximum of 1 time per reservation.
Once the maximum is reached, the ability to view the credit card information disappears. 

Booking Experts warns the user that the number of times the data can be viewed is limited, by means of a message at this link.

6.8 Who can I contact at

If you already have a link with, you have an account manager at For questions about the extranet, you can contact your account manager and us.

6.9 Can I also specify in the link how many accommodations of a specific type I want to make available to

You can use allotments to indicate how many accommodations of a specific type you want to offer to a specific tour operator.
When the allotment is fully booked, you will receive an internal message. You can then increase the allotment if you still want to make a number of accommodations available.

6.10 Availability on 2 accommodations, so split, is that possible?

For a reservation we look at the availability on the accommodation for the full 'Length of Stay'.
For example, if you have two accommodations within a certain type available consecutively we will not split the reservation into 2 to still get it in.
  • Type Oceanview has two accommodations, A and B;
  • Accommodation A has availability from Monday till Friday;
  • Accommodation B has availability from Friday to Monday;
  • At it is then not possible to make a reservation for Monday to Monday.

6.11 Do you offer a possibility to collect money from a virtual credit card?

No, you can only do this with They have all the information regarding the credit card. This is not done by Booking Experts. We are not able to perform authorizations on a credit card.

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