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The Fiskaltrust App gives you the ability to link payments Booking Experts to the Fiskaltrust system. This link ensures that receipts are signed via Fiskaltrust. Fiskaltrust helps with tax compliance in Austria, France and Germany. Think of signing all financial documents and automatically filing returns. The signature is displayed as a QR code on the receipts. In this article we explain how you can install this for your own administration(s).

1. Installing the application
2. Linking administrations
3. Receipts in Booking Experts
4. Receipts in App store

1. Installing the application

In order to install the application you need to have access to the App Store, in this case there will be a market stall at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar. If you don't have this yet, ask Support to activate the App Store for you.

1. Click on the icon for the   App Store;
2. Then choose the   Fiskaltrust Application;

3. Click on  +Install within the application;

4. Here you see an overview of what the application can see in your administration(s);
5. Choose the administration(s) for which this application is to be installed and click on Install;

6. The application has successfully been authorized, click on  OK to continue;

The application was installed successfully! 🎉

2. Linking administrations

In order for the receipts to be signed by Fiskaltrust, the administration must be linked.

1. Under Commands, choose Settings;

2. Click on + Add;

3. Enter the data for the desired administration;

The administration is linked. Within the configuration you can perform the following actions:
- Create a 'Zero receipt';
Send this command after the device has entered an error mode. With this command you indicate that the device is allowed to issue signatures again.
- The configuration 'Initial operation';
Send this command when you put the signature device into use for the first time.
- The 'Test' configuration;
Use this to test whether it can connect to Fiskaltrust.
- Delete and edit the configuration.

3. Receipts in Booking Experts

After the application has been successfully set up, receipts within Booking Experts will be provided with a QR code.

4. Receipts in App store

You can view the receipts in the App store. In this overview you can see the receipt, configuration and whether this receipt has a signature. If a receipt does not have a signature, you can sign the receipt by clicking on the receipt. You also have the option to click through on this receipt, so that it will open in Booking Experts.

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