The Cikam - Insight App

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The Cikam - Insight App makes it possible to link cash systems very easily to the Booking Experts cash register. Working with cash brings along many different risks. These risks can be avoided with the products and services of Cikam. A closed payment system ensures more hygiene, safety and time savings within your company. Cikam provides a more efficient and safer working process. Executing cash payments and monitoring the cash system is fully handled by Insight Intelligence.

1. Installeren van de applicatie

1. Install the application

To install the application, you need to have access to the App Store. There will be a market stall at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar. If you do not have this yet, ask Support to activate the App Store for you.

1. Click on the icon in front of the App Store;
2. Then select the Cikam Insight App;

3. Click on +Install at the application;

4. Here you see an overview of what the application can see in your administration(s); 

5. Choose the administration(s) for which this application is to be installed and click on Install, then you will be taken to this screen.

6. Contact Cikam ( and they will go through the further implementation and requirements with you.

The application was installed successfully! 🎉

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