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In this support article, we explain how to set up minimum and maximum ages for the different age groups within your administration in Booking Experts. In Booking Experts, we use the following age groups: babies, children, youth, and seniors. The group adults are between the maximum age of youth and the minimum age of seniors. 

1. Age Settings
2. Cost based on age(groups)

Age settings

To set up the minimum and maximum ages for the different age groups you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the cogwheel icon next to your picture in Booking Experts;
  2. In the menu on the right, select Other administration settings;
  3. Navigate in the menu to 'Other';
  4. Under the heading ' Reservations' you can set the ages.
Booking Experts will automatically set up default age settings. In these settings, there is a maximum age for babies, children, and youth. For seniors there is a minimum age.
The default settings are as follows:
  • Babies: maximum age 1 year
  • Children: maximum age of 11 years
  • Youth: maximum age of 17 years
  • Seniors: minimum age of 65 years

Cost based on age

When you are setting up your costs age(groups) can play a relevant role. Tourist tax is a good example of this. In a lot of municipalities, babies are excluded from tourist tax. The cost 'tourist tax' needs to be adjusted to this fact. In addition, there are many practical examples where you want to charge a different price for children than for adults. 

A practical example is the cost of an extra person. You can differentiate the price here by charging a different price for an extra child than for an extra person within a different age group. 
Suppose you want to charge €3 for an extra child and €4 for the other age groups (excluding babies). If you want to put this into practice you will have to make an extra cost. One for children and one for the other age groups. You can adjust this within the cost centre under Price. It is relevant to have clear settings concerning the ages for your administration: which age fits in which age group?

Please note! You can only do this if your cost has a per person or per person per night price calculation.

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