Expiration time unconfirmed reservations

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In this article you will learn how to change the expiration time of unconfirmed reservations for (all) channels. This will ensure that an uncompleted reservation does not block your accommodation for hours and you can quickly rent it out again to another guest.

1. Set or change expiration time

When a guest makes a reservation through your own website or that of a directly linked tour operator and drops out at the payment step, the accommodation is blocked for the guest. This way the guest still has the possibility to restart the payment and complete the reservation. You can set the length of the blocked period yourself.
To set or change the expiration time of unconfirmed reservations go to the appropriate channel.
Choose Edit, under General Settings you will find the 'Expiration time unconfirmed reservations'.
Default for new channels is 1 hour. You can adjust this to your liking, the lowest possible being 0.1 hours.
Every 10 minutes reservations that are eligible for automatic cancellation are checked.
Please note! If you are working with an 'abandoned cart email' and you want to continue using it, the expiration time needs to be set to more than 2,5 hours.
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