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The Camping Comfort app allows you to link Camping Comfort to Booking Experts. This app is specialised in communication between holiday park and guest. In this article, we explain step by step how to install this app. Try the entire app during a free trial period until 1 May.

1. Installing the application
2. Register at Camping Comfort

1. Installing the application

To install the application, you need to have access to the App Store, in this case, a market stall is available at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar.

  1. Click on the market stall icon to open the app store. 
  2. Search for the Camping Comfort app in the list;
  3. Then click + Install;
  4. Here you can choose the administration you want to link to the Camping Comfort app.

  5. 2. Register at Camping Comfort

    After installing the Camping Comfort app, you will be taken to the screen below. Here you can indicate whether you are already a customer of Camping Comfort or whether you want to start a free trial until 1 May. Only Dutch at the moment!

    I am not a customer yet;

    After registering, you can immediately start setting up the Camping Comfort app.

    I am already a customer of Camping Comfort;

    You can then log in to link your Booking Experts administration with Camping Comfort.

    De applicatie is succesvol geΓ―nstalleerd! πŸŽ‰

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