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In this support article you will read how to create an e-mail alias for Booking Experts.

It can happen that there is only one e-mail address for an external cleaning company, whilst there are several employees who need to be able to log in. This can, for example, be as an external party or as an executor. If this is the case, an alias mail can be created for all these employees. You can only create an alias mail if the e-mail address of the cleaning company is a Google or Gmail address. An e-mail alias is an 'extra' e-mail address that you can link to your mailbox. With this e-mail address it is possible to both send and receive e-mails. However, an e-mail alias does not have its own inbox.

Suppose: the e-mail address of the cleaning company is cleaningcompany@gmail.com, then an e-mail alias can be created with a +1, +2, +3 etc. The e-mail aliases will then be cleaningcompany+1@gmail.com, cleaning company+2@gmail.com and cleaningcompany+3@gmail.com. If an e-mail address is sent to the e-mail alias, this e-mail will end up in the inbox of cleaningcompany@gmail.com. This support article by Google explains how an alias Gmail can be created.

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