Planboard developments Booking Experts

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In this support article you will read how we work with our public planboard and how you can vote on developments within Booking Experts.

1. Planboard developments Booking Experts
2. Vote on tickets

Planboard developments Booking Experts

On this planboard you can broadly see which points are being developed and what will be developed. You can also have a so-called 'vote' on points you believe should have priority. How this works will be explained now.

First, an explanation of the lists:

1. New: here new points are brought to the attention every week on which you can cast a vote;
2. Vote: in order to cast a cote you will have to register once*;

3. Will be the first to be incorporated in the current planning: the points that are planned to be addressed;
4. Current planning: what we want to work on this planning;
5. Currently being developed: the broad lines of the points that are currently under development;
6. Soon to come: already passed the development stage and currently in the test phase;
7. Live: developed over the past period and currently live.

Trello Planning Board 2

Vote on tickets

1. Title: every ticket has a short title which immediately makes it clear what the ticket is about;
2. Description: if the ticket has a more detailed description, this is shown with a small icon. This detailed description can be read by opening the ticket by clicking it;
3. Color label: every ticket has a color label which corresponds to a module in the system. You can also see this label by opening the ticket;
4. Attachment: if a ticket has an attachment, this is shown with a small icon. You can see the attachment by opening the ticket.

When you have opened a ticket you can perform 3 actions:
1. Subscribe: you follow this card and receive a notification when changes are made to the ticket;
2. Vote: vote on this ticket;
3. Share and more: if you have a question about a ticket, you can copy the link via share and more and put this in your message. This way, we immediately have the right information.

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