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This article explains how to search the desired data in the planboard and scroll through the planboard.

1. Today's date
2. Per four weeks
3. Specific date
4. Scroll through all dates

Today's date

In the planboard, you can directly switch to today's date. You can do this by clicking on Today at the top left of the page.

Booking Experts Planboard

Per four weeks

By using the arrows, you can move the overview four weeks forward (right) or four weeks backward (left).

Planboard Booking Experts

Specific date

You can also go to a specific date. If you click on the date, a calendar will open, in which you can click on another date. You can also delete the current date in the bar and introduce a new date. The planboard will then open the introduced date.

Planboard Booking Experts

Scroll through all dates

To see other dates, you can also scroll through the planboard from left to right. If you use a tracking mouse, you can use it very easily for this task. Let the mouse hover over the planboard and use the tracking function from left to right (or from right to left).

If you're not using a tracking mouse, you can press shift and scroll. Instead of vertically, you'll now scroll horizontally.

You can also click in the bar with month/week numbers and hold the mouse button down. You can now drag the bar to the desired date.

Planboard Booking Experts
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