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Week 48 - 2023
  • The permission 'Setup' has been modified. People who only have the 'Setup ' permission and not 'Setup Advanced' no longer have rights to modify types, price lists and discounts actions.
  • You can now export tasks cost items.
  • There is now an overview page with expected meter reading settlements.
  • You can now create expected meter reading settlements in bulk.
  • Retrieve the preferred language of the guest from Booking.com.
  • Tax Identification Number has been added to individual owner cards.
  • Energy label is now live on the object pages.
  • ReCaptcha links to privacy policy and terms of service will be opened in a new tab.
  • The gem that checks the VAT numbers is now updated
  • Stickers can be made in the CMS Content settings and can be selected per custom page (only for custom pages using sections).
  • Blocked objects by clusters now also show tasks for cleaning, this way the object will not be entered whilst guests are still there.
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