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In this support article you will read how to create automatic todos in Booking Experts.

With automatic todos, you can create todos which count for reservations, costs and standard periodic cost items. Double automatic todos are bundled together into one automatic todo that you can reuse. This keeps the overview of the automatic todos clear.

1. Reservations
2. Direct application per expense
3. Direct application for items
4. Edit/delete automatic todos
5. Search todos
6. Automatic todos reservation


You want to create some todos so they're applicable to each booking without having to create a cost item. For example, think about a situation in which you have an All-in price, but you want to create a task for each reservation for a final cleaning.

1. Go to the tab Todos;
2. In the right submenu, choose Automatic Todos;
3. Turn the filter to Per reservation;
4. Click New automatic todo;

taken per reservering

5. Insert the following information concerning the automatic todo:

  • Enter a description of the todo;
  • Indicate when the todo should be executed (upon arrival, every day between arrival and departure, or at date of departure);
  • Select the todo list to which the todo should be connected;
  • If the accommodation should be blocked when the todo is not ticked, please tick blockade;
  • If necessary, you can choose a default executor;
  • Enter the number per stay, persons or pets;
  • Define whether the todo is applicable to all rental sments, a certain type or a group type;
  • Click if this todo needs to be created for all future reservations;

6. Click Add automatic todo.

Direct application per expense

You have to go through the following steps to give an automatic todo a new direct application per expense:

1. Go to the tab Setup;
2. Choose Costs in the sub menu on the right;
3. Click on the to edit;
4. Choose the todo that you want to add to the expense at Create automatic todos;
5. If the todo does not exist you can add one. At the moment that you have created the todo, you can recover the todo in the dropdown without updating the expense;
6. Save the changes by saving the expense.

Direct application for items

It is possible to make a complete planning for the general areas and items that will not be rented out. For this you can create different facilities.

1. Go to the tab Todos;
2. Choose Automatic todosin the sub menu on the right
3. Choose the tab Item
4. Click on + New;


5. Insert the following information concerning the automatic todo:

  • Give a description to the todo;
  • Indicate on which date the todo has to start;
  • Indicate the frequency in which the todo has to be scheduled (Every x number of days or if there has not been a booking for the accommodation for x period
  • Select the todo list to which the todo has to be linked;
  • Check off block if the accommodation needs to be blocked when the todo has not been checked off;
  • Indicate for which accommodation(s) the todo applies;
  • If it is a todo which has to take place every x several days you have the possibility to select the facilities. (Because no bookings will be placed on facilities)

6. Click on Add Automatic todo .

Edit/delete automatic todos

1. Go to the Todos tab;
2. Select Automatic todos in the right submenu;
3. Choose the todo you want to edit or delete;
4. Select Edit or Delete;
5. Change the required data;
6. Save the changes.

Search todos

It is possible to search for automatic todos through the search bar. This allows you to search for an automatic todo faster.

Search automatic task

Automatic todos reservation

When opening the todos of a reservation you can see exactly what these todos are linked to. These can be todos that have been created in a cost item. By clicking on an automatic todo you will be redirected to the cost item.

Automatic tasks booking
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