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In this support article you will read how to create a one off task in Booking Experts.

1. Single todo for an accommodation
2. Create a separate todo for the reservation

Single todo for an accommodation

You can create a 'single' todo for example the technical service department or a specific todo for a particular property. Do you want to create a todo that is created by default with all reservations or owners then you have to configure this with the cost item or with Automatic todos.

1. Go to the Tasks tab;
2. Click New task;

new task

3. Select the Accommodation for this task;
4. Indicate the Amount (if applicable and not 1), and enter a Description;
5. Select the Task list to which this task should be linked;
6. Indicate the deadline for this task;
7. Click Add task.


Create a separate todo for the reservation

It is possible to link a separate todo to a reservation.

1. Go to the overview of todo's in the reservation;
2. Click on New todo;
3. Enter the data for the todo and save these.

If the reservation of accommodation changes the todo will also change.

Separate todo

From the booking

1. Open the required booking;
2. Click on the + (plus) sign after Tasks;
3. Create a single task for this booking.

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