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In this support article you will read how to use the Tasks app, from creating automatic tasks to checking off tasks.

With Booking Experts, you can generate tasks in various ways with the task module. This will allow you to, for example, regulate technical support or cleaning services. Make your entire planning with Booking Experts, with the Tasks app. This will allow you to comprehensively distribute the tasks per task list.

1. Starting off with the Tasks app
2. The Executor
3. The Planner
4. Configuring the task list for the Tasks app
5. Distributing the tasks within a task list
6. Creating a new task as a planner
7. Filtering tasks
8. Search for planned tasks
9. Log in as an executor
10. Working on todos as an executor
11. Finishing todos as an executor
12. Time and materials registration by executors, and remarks
13. Create new task as executor
14. Notification of new task for planner

Starting off with the Tasks app

The Tasks app is a module within Booking Experts, so it is possible that it is not turned on for your organization. If this is the case, please contact Support to turn on the module.

The Tasks app has three important parts to keep an eye on:

  1. The executor(s);
  2. The planner(s);
  3. The to be distributed task lists.

The Executor

The executor is the person who will perform the actual task. Tasks are distributed to them by the planner and the executor can create tasks on location for other departments.

Follow the steps below to create an executor:

  1. Go to the organization settings by clicking the Gear icon;
  2. Go to the Access and permissions submenu;
  3. Select the Executors tab;
  4. Click + New to create a new executor;
  5. Enter the executor's email address;
  6. Save the form.
Create executor

Once you have invited an executor, they will receive an email with the information needed to log in to the system after they have chosen a password.

Email executor

The Planner

The planner is the person in the organization who is responsible for distributing the tasks within a specific task list. It is therefore possible to have multiple planners within an organization, for example one for technical support, one for cleaning services, and one for the catering services.

Configuring the task list for the Tasks app

To make use of the Tasks app within a task list, it needs to have a planner and at least one executor:

  1. Go to the Tasks tab;
  2. Select Task lists in the submenu;
  3. Find the desired task list and click Edit;
  4. Select one or more planners from the list of employees;
  5. Select the desired executor(s) for this task list. The order of the executor(s) can be adjusted by the planner;
  6. Save the task list.

Distributing the tasks within a task list

When a planner has been assigned to a task list, the planner can make a planning for the tasks. The tasks in the list are automatically sorted by date and then by accommodation number.

As a planner, you can start processing the task lists assigned to you in the Tasks app:

  1. Go to the Tasks tab;
  2. Select Task lists in the submenu;
  3. Find the desired task list and click Planning;
  4. Drag the tasks to the desired executor.
  5. Or assign the tasks in bulk to an executor
Create planning

Creating a new task as a planner

When planning the tasks, you might want to create a new task for the executors. This can be done easily and quickly in the desired task list. Click the + symbol.

This way, you are already in the right task list and you can immediately choose an executor to perform the task.

Quick create task

Filtering tasks

The tasks are ordered chronologically by default, but a planner might want to distribute a specific task first before handling the other tasks.

You can choose various filters in the overview of the to be distributed tasks:

  • Accommodation type;
  • Name of task.
Filter tasks

Search for planned tasks

A planner can use the search bar to search for specific tasks that have already been planned and assigned to one of the executors. This can be found in the overview of executors in the Tasks app.

When you search using this, the tasks that coincide with your search terms will immediately show up.

Search planned tasks

Log in as an executor

In addition to the fact that an executor can log in as an employee in Booking Experts, they will also receive a text message with a link to their assigned todos every morning.

Text message for the executor

Working on todos as an executor

When you are logged in as an executor, you will see all the todos that have been assigned to you in one overview. The todos are shown in the order in which the planner has placed them, so a todo that ends today might be lower on your list than a todo that ends tomorrow.

As an executor you can log in to do the following:

  • See an overview of all your todos. By clicking on the number of todos on the top right, you will return to the todo overview;
  • You can start todos when you begin working on them. Click on the todo, and click Start;
  • You can create a new todo. To do this click + Todo.

Finishing todos as an executor

When you start a todo as an executor it will become green in your overview and in the planner overview. This allows the planner to see exactly what you are working on at the moment.

When you finish the todo you need to click Stop. If you don't do this the todo will continue in the background and you will not be able to start a new todo.

After you have stopped a todo you can indicate:

  • If you have really finished the todo;
  • If you want to register the minutes/hours you worked (by default this is on);
  • If you want to register used materials for this todo. You may have needed to place a new light, for example;
  • Any remarks.
Finish todo

Time and materials registration by executors, and remarks

When the executor registers the hours worked when finishing a todo, the planner will receive an email linking him directly to the relevant todo in Booking Experts.

He can check the todo and possibly charge it to the owner.

The used materials and any remarks added to the todo are also shown. The remark is shown in the remarks field.

Time registration email
Todo after finishing

Create new task as executor

When, as an executor, you run into something during your round, for instance something that needs cleaning, you can create a todo for it. For instance when you, as a technical service employee, notice a dirty window at the entrance to an accommodation or facility, and would like to be able to create a todo for the cleaning staff. There are various options for creating a todo in the executor portal:

1. General todo to be added to the todo list, but not linked to a reservation or accommodation;
2. Accommodation todo which is directly linked to one of the accommodations;
3. Facility todo which is directly linked to a facility in Booking Experts.

Creating todo as executor
  • Click one of the three options above to create a new todo;
  • Select the concerned todo list for which you would like to create the todo;
  • While doing so, choose whether you want to assign the todo to the planner or to an executor of the todo list;
  • Select a deadline for the todo, this will be set for today's date by default;
  • If necessary, check Urgent todo;
  • Provide a description of the todo;
  • If necessary, provide an explanation of the todo in the notes section;
  • Create the todo;
  • If you would like to clarify a problem visually, you can add a photo.
Create task

Notification of new task for planner

When you are assigned to a task list as a planner, you will receive an email message for every new task created for your task list.

This will constantly keep you notified of new tasks, which is useful if you have already created a planning but a new task is added last-minute.

Email planner with new task
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