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In this support article you will read how to charge owners for todos in Booking Experts

You can pass on certain costs to the owner. Consider, for example, minor repairs to the technical service such as replacing a lamp. You can incur the costs of replacing the lamp and the time of the employee to the owners.

Create costs

Before you can charge expenses to the owner you need to create cost items for this. Please note! These are other cost items than the cost items for bookings and the standard periodic cost items for owners.

1. Go to the Tasks tab.
2. In the submenu on the right, select Costs;
3. Click on the cost to edit;
4. Click New cost and enter the required details;


5. Enter the required data;
6. Click on Add Todo cost item to create the todo.


Create work order

With a todo you can create a work order that you could give to, for example, the technical service department. If the todo does not appear in the system yet then you should enter it manually first.

1. Go to the Todo tab;
2. In the right submenu select Scheduled todos;
3. Then click the todo description to open the work order;


4. Click Print to print the work order so as to give it for example to the technical service department.

Complete work order

When the todo is finished and you get back the work order, you can copy the data from the work order so as to lay the basis for the invoice.

1. Enter the time and used materials. When you start typing in materials then the system checks whether a cost item already exists for this. In that case it is automatically added;
2. Click Save;
3. When everything is entered, you can check off the work order by clicking Completed;
4. If the work order has been checked by a colleague then tick Checked;
5. Then this button appears Bill owner.

work order

Sending invoice

Clicking the Invoice owner button automatically creates an invoice for the owner.

If you do not complete the invoice by sending it, any tasks yet to be invoiced and related to the same accommodation are automatically added to this invoice.

In the yellow header you can see which tasks are included on this invoice.

On the right side you can add the entered costs. The invoice can then be sent as usual by clicking on Send invoice.

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