Welcome letter

It is possible to create a personalised Welcome letter for your guest. This can be used to give general information about the park on arrival. The Welcome letter can also be used when Guests arrive after closing time and need to receive all the information regarding their stay.

ATTENTION: A Welcome letter is NOT sent by e-mail like the other templates. Would you like to send a Welcome letter to a guest by e-mail? Then create an Auto Email for this purpose.

Preparing the Welcome letter

The Welcome letter can be prepared at the Templates.

Click Edit to edit the template.

Tags can be used to personalise the Welcome letter with data from the specific Reservation. You can find the tags you can use in the Templates support article. The specific guest details are automatically adapted per letter by tags.

Print Welcome letter per reservation

You can print the arrival letter per reservation

Go to the relevant reservation, click the More button at Reservation and then Arrival Letter. It will be displayed as a PDF and can then be printed.

Print Welcome letters in bulk

You can also print all Welcome letters in bulk from the Overview:

Go to the Overview, click Export at the top right and then choose Welcome Letters.

This will display all Welcome letters of the unchecked Reservations of that particular date as a PDF. You can then print these.

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