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In this support article you can read what a SEPA authorization means, and how you can use SEPA authorization forms.

1. Activate SEPA authorization form
2. SEPA authorization form per reservation
3. Creating a SEPA authorization form for all arrivals
4. Creditor ID

If you do not wish to take a Deposit into account, and you have the option to directly debit the money from the guest's account, you can create SEPA authorization forms through the system.

Activate SEPA authorization form

1. Use the Gear icon to navigate to park settings;
2. In the submenu on the right, select Other administration settings;
3. Go to the Others tab;
4. By Reservations check off the SEPA one-time authorization as deposit checkbox;


5. With Invoices enter the Creditor ID-number;
6. Click Save Park.

incassant id

Once set up, the authorization forms can be created. This can be done per reservation or for all arrivals.

SEPA authorization form per reservation

When SEPA authorization forms have been set up, these can be created in the system.

The guest automatically receives an email requesting to fill the the IBAN number and BIC code in order to speed up the check-in procedure. This email template can be edited.

If the guest has entered these details, you will find them under contact details in the booking overview. These details will then be copied to the SEPA authorization form.

You can now choose for the SEPA form in the reservation overview. When you click here, an authorization form is automatically created with all known details filled in, so the guest only needs to sign for agreement.

Sepa origineel

SEPA forms can also be created for all arrivals.

Creating a SEPA authorization form for all arrivals

1. Go to the Overview tab.
2. Select the& day of arrival for which you wish to create SEPA forms;
3. Click the icon next to the date and select SEPA forms.
4. All forms are created and all known details will have been filled in on the form.


Creditor ID

To be able and to be allowed to collect, you need a creditor-ID. This is a unique number based on your Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number.

You can request this unique number with your own bank and will be created when you sign a collection contract with your bank.

When you have received your creditor-ID number, you can set up a SEPA authorization.

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