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In a payment policy you determine which part of the amount is eligible for a down payment and within which periods the invoice and/or invoices must be paid.

1. Setting up a payment policy
2. Prepayment with fixed amount
3. Prepayment after X number of days via own website
4. Frequently asked questions

It is possible to set up multiple payment arrangements. You can distinguish between, for example, a payment schedule for online reservations, channel invoices, back-office reservations, etc.

Setting up a payment policy

1. Go to the Financial tab;
2. In the right submenu, select Payment policies;
3. Click on the button New payment policy and select either payment in advance or afterwards;
4. You can edit or delete a payment policy by selecting a payment policy.

4. Then you start by setting up a payment policy. Give the payment policy a name;
5. Set the minimum invoice amount at which the guest may choose to make a down payment. Please note! Reservations with an amount below the minimum amount for a deposit, will have to be paid in full upon confirmation. There is no payment arrangement for this. 
6. Set the first payment term. By choosing + Add another one you can add more different payment terms. Using the trashcan icon you can delete a payment term

7. Set the payment time immediately after confirmation. This is the moment after a reservation has been confirmed and the invoice has been sent. This is related to the set 'first payment term'. In this example, a payment term of 14 days has been chosen. The specific amount or percentage of the total amount must be paid 14 days after confirmation of the reservation. If you choose No deposit, the first payment time set a x number of days before arrival/departure applies;

Please note! It will always be necessary to create a payment moment in which the percentage of the total amount is set to 100%. As a result, the remaining deposit will be charged a x number of days before arrival or departure. In other words, the total amount of a reservation. You can do this by clicking on + Add another payment moment.

8. If desired, you can set multiple "deviating" payment terms by clicking + Add another payment term;
9. Finally, click on Save payment policy.

Prepayment with fixed amount

In this support article you will read how to setup a prepayment with a fixed amount in Booking Experts.

If you want to give the possibility to make a reservation with a prepayment of for example €10,-? Than you can set up the following:

1. Go to the Financial tab;
2. In the right submenu, select Payment policies;
3. After the existing payment policy, click Edit or use the button New payment policy (pay in advance) to create a new payment policy;
4. At Right after confirmation, indicate that an amount of €10 must be paid; 
5. Click + Add another payment moment to set other payment moments, for instance 100% 30 days before arrival;
6. Use the button Add payment policy.

Prepayment after number of days via own website

In this support article you will read how to setup a prepayment after an X number of days via the own website. 

Would you like to offer guests the option to make a reservation without having to make a prepayment right away, but pay a prepayment within 14 days? You will have to change settings in two places:

1. In the top right corner, click the gear icon of the Organization settings; 
2. In the right submenu, select Channels;
3. Behind the channel Own website, click Edit;
4. Check: Allow confirmation without payment;

5. Next, go to the Financial tab;
6. In the right submenu, select Payment policies;
7. Behind the existing payment policy for the own website, click Edit or use the button New payment policy (pay in advance) to create a new payment policy;
8. Set the first payment term. This is the number of days after reservation on which the payment must be received, for example 14 days. In other words, after the reservation has been confirmed;
9. Set the amount or percentage to be paid in Directly after confirmation, for example € 10 or 10%;
10. Click + Add another payment term to set the times for the remaining payments to be made, eg 60 days before arrival 50% and 30 days before arrival 100%;
11. Click Update payment policy.

Frequently asked questions

  • The reservation falls within the last period of the down payment, but gets the policy from the first period. What causes this?

With deposit policies, you can set the periods within which your guest must pay the invoice.


  • A down payment of 25% must be paid within 14 days;
  • The remaining 75% must be paid no later than 28 days before arrival.

The guest makes a reservation with an arrival day in 25 days, the invoice will include a down payment policy of 100% within 14 days.

In this situation, it is not possible to create the second down payment policy because that will cause the invoice to immediately be in arrears. In addition, it is not desirable to set the payment deadline on the day of the reservation, as a bank transfer may be processed with a delay in the case of weekends or public holidays. This will also cause the invoice to be in arrears.

In this case, the system offers the first down payment period for the full amount of the invoice.

You do get the possibility to set deviant payment policies for this case, as can be read in point 6 of the following article.

  • Afterwards I want to use a different payment scheme for a reservation. How do I adjust this?
In this support article we explain how you can use a different payment term for a reservation.
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