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This article explains the use of the Point of sale module.

1. Create register
2. Add POS product
3. Checkout product without price
4. Edit/delete POS product
5. View/credit receipts
6. Receipt items
7. View results POS transactions
8. Open register
9. Create receipt
10. Close register
11. Counts
12. Counts / Correction on cash registration
13. Print receipt
14. Receipt date adjustment
15. Journalizing ledger accounts

POS is used to add products that, for example, are sold at the desk or do not belong on a reservation invoice.

Create register

You can create different Registers within Booking Experts. If you start working with a register, you can open it, process sales in it and then close it again.

1. Go to the Register tab;
2. Click on New Register;

Save register

3. Name the register and decide the minimum amount of money in the register. Based on this amount, the register will also be closed;
4. Click on Add register.

Save register

Add POS product

1. Go to the POStab;
2. Choose Products in the right submenu;
3. Click on New POS product to add a new product;
4. Enter the information; 

Please note! A product description can be up to 15 characters long. To keep the product list clear, you can only add a short description. An image can be uploaded via "choose file", this is then visible with the product in the list. A general ledger account must always be linked to a cash register product. When adding an image, it is best to keep the size 140x105 or everything in the same scale size 280x210. A cash register image is resized to 140x75 upon saving.

5. Then click on Add POS product to save the information.


Change the order of the entered register products yourself by dragging the register products.

Checkout product without price

It is not possible to add a product without a price.

There is, however, the option to enter two products, for example both at €10,00 one with 9% VAT and one with 21% VAT. When they are selected, the price can be changed to the desired amount manually.

You can change it by clicking the price on the receipt.

Adjust price POS product

You can edit or delete existing register products.

Edit/delete POS product

1. Go to the POStab;
2. Then choose Products in the right submenu;
3. Click on the desired product;
4. Edit the product or choose delete to permanently delete a product.


View/credit receipts

You can review made receipts.

1. Go to the POStab;
2. Choose Receipts in the right submenu;
3. Use the filter to search for receipts within a certain period. You can then also filter these per employee;

View receipts

4. By clicking on the invoice line, the receipt opens so that you can see exactly what has been booked;
5. The voucher can be reversed in its entirety by clicking either on pin or cash and choosing which cash register you can use to counter this. The voucher is then fully credited.

crediting cash register

Receipt items

The receipt items of the created receipts can be viewed. In addition, it is possible to make an export of the receipt items.
1. Go to the POS tab;
2. In the right submenu, click on Receipt items;
3. Select the desired filters;
4. Click on Receipt items at the bottom right to create the export.

From the receipt items overview it is possible to open the receipt by clicking on the receipt counting receipt.

View results POS transactions

To view the POS sales over a certain period:

1. Go to the POS tab;
2. Choose Results in the right submenu;
3. Select the period for which you want to view the results and click Search.


You can export the totals by clicking on Exportat the bottom of the screen.

Open register

Before starting, you'll have to open the register. This is the moment when you decide how much money there's in the register before processing new payments.

1. Click on the name of the register you want to work with to open it;
2. In the following screen, you can decide how much the register contains;
3. By clicking on Add register count you will have opened the register;
4. You need to confirm the completed information or click on Recount if the count is not correct.

The register is now open.

Register count

Create receipt

In order to checkout products with the register, you first need to open the register; 
1. Click on the buttons of the products that need to be checked out. By clicking the button twice, the product will be checked out twice. By clicking the amount, you can edit the amount;
2.You can optionally click on No note to add a note. Handy if, for example, you want to specify an 'other' checkout product;
3. You can Save the receipt by indicating what payment method was used;
4. If you've mistakenly put something on the receipt, you can remove it by clicking on the recycle bin behind the amount.


After recording a payment, you will see the overview of the invoice. Here you can print the invoice (when linked with a receipt printer, you will be prompted to print it directly).

Click on Register again to start a new sale of products.

print receipt

The overview of the POS Receipts can be exported by clicking on Receipts on the right submenu. On the bottum you have the option to export the overview.

export receipt.

Close register

At the end of the day you'll want to close the register and deposit the credited amount from the register in the safe.

In the register, you can choose Close Register.

Close register

Here you can add a new count for each payment method. If you find a difference, you can explain it in a note. If the count is correct, you can confirm it by clicking on Add register count.

Register count when closing register

Based on the minimum amount in the safe, the initial count and the received amounts, an amount is calculated that is to be deposited in the safe, in order to start with the minimum amount in the register the next day.

Click on Confirm to record the count or click on Recount to enter the count again.

Close register


All counts are recorded; you can view them per period, per register or per employee. The data are recorded for each payment method and can also be exported.

Overview register counts

Counts / Correction on cash registration

It is possible that you enter an incorrect amount for the pin count when closing the cash register. Because of this you get differences that are not correct, since you cannot adjust the cash count after you have saved it, you need to correct this with the next (in-between) cash count.

To correct a negative count:

Did you enter too little in the count? Then you must correct this by counting the amount that you have entered too little as being too much at the next count. So on top of your actual pin count.

To correct a positive count:

Did you enter too much in the count? Then you must correct this by counting the amount that you have entered too much as being too little in the next count. So deduct this amount from your actual pin count (note, this means you may have to enter a negative amount).

Print receipt

Receipts can be printed using a thermal receipt printer. You can link a receipt printer to a cash drawer.

1. Go to the POS module;
2. Click on edit ;
3. Enter the receipt printer IP adress;
4. Enter the printer port;
5. Determine the number of characters per line of the receipt printer.

Receipt printer

Receipt date adjustment

It is not possible to modify the date of a receipt after the fact.
If there is a discrepancy in the setting up of the checkout and you have forgotten to issue a receipt, you can then create the receipt and close the checkout at that time.

Journalizing ledger accounts

When a checkout transaction occurs, we post a journal entry. We split out the amounts in this journal entry.

The purchase order of a product is booked to the checkout suspense account. At the time of payment it is booked to the cash or pin [electronic payment] account.

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