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In this support article you will read how to setup the link with ICY energy management systems in Booking Experts.

ICY supplies energy management systems (thermostats, electricity sources for caravans, readers for meters, etc.). With this link, we have automated the reading of meters and the switching on of electricity sources, among other things. With this link, you can:

  • Bookings with a linked accommodation are automatically added to ICY after confirmation. Cancellation will remove the booking from ICY again. ICY will know when the accommodation needs the temperature raised or lowered. No amperage is given, so ICY's standard amperage is used.
  • You can change the amperage for a booking. You can do this via the 'Edit' drop down menu at a booking ('Edit amperage'). If an amperage is already being used, it will be shown here.
  • ICY can collect meter readings for peak and off-peak tariffs and for GWE. To know which field stands for which meter reading, you can enter this when creating/editing a meter. You can have meters for peak and off-peak, or a combination.
  • Meter readings for linked accommodations can be automatically collected where meter readings are entered (check in/check out and under the 'Meter readings' section). There will be a button for this ('Enter automatically').
  • You can add times to the amperage of a reservation. This is useful when a guest checks out later.

1. Necessary information
2. Create link
3. Link accommodations
4. Frequently asked questions ICY

To create a link, we will first have to turn on a module for 'Energy systems'. This module allows you to create a link with ICY. Do you want to use this module but the module is not turned on yet? Mail support and we will gladly turn the module on for you.

Necessary information

Before we can create the link, we will need some information from ICY, which you can request there:

  • URL Endpoint
  • Username
  • Password
  • Organization
  • Branch

We can create a link with this information.

Create link

1. Go to Administration settings via the gear icon;
2. Select Energy systems in the sub-menu on the right;
3. Click New ICY;

Create link

4. Enter the necessary information you received from ICY and click Add energy system.

Save ICY link

The link has been created and is active. Via Actions, you can edit or delete the link. By clicking Linked Accommodations, you can link the accommodations to the active meters in the accommodations.

Edit ICY link

Link accommodations

The Accommodations in Booking Experts now have to be linked to an external object at ICY. Click on New at the overview, or Create your first linked accommodation if this is your first accommodation.

Link accommodations

Select the accommodation you wish to link and select the name of the external object. Save the changes.

link accommodation

This can be repeated for all accommodations that need to be linked.

Frequently asked questions ICY

Is the link real-time?
The link is real-time. However, we rely on ICY's processing time, which is beyond our control.

When modifying the amperage, do you have to enter a number?
A number should always be entered here. By default, we enter ICY's standard number. However, you can increase this by editing it here.

Does Booking Experts send times or time periods to ICY?
We only send the period in which the reservation was made. We cannot send times in the link.

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