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Can I view the transactions of an access card for a departed guest?

In order to make the overview in your system as simple as possible, we automatically remove the access card for a reservation after departure. By doing this, we also remove the transactions of this card, and they are no longer visible in the overview. This ensures the guest can no longer use any of the facilities.

Can I use a scanner to enter the card numbers?

Certainly! When adding the card to a reservation you can use I want to enter card numbers. Click on the input field with your mouse and scan the (different) card(s) you want to create.

What does the "Error in communication with the barrier system" mean?

The message you get with the error message is as follows:

Something went wrong when communicating with the barrier system. You should try again. However, if the problem persists, contact the supplier of the barrier system. You can pass on the following information and help them solve the problem.

Booking Experts tried to update data in the database of the barrier system, but encountered an error in the process that prevented it from receiving feedback from this party. Because of this, we cannot implement the update.

This is often due to an internal error in the barrier system which is relatively simple to fix.

When I have entered a registration number, how long does it take before it is in the barrier system?

Once you have added the registration numbers to the reservation, you must still generate the access card(s) for this reservation. At that moment, we will directly send the data to the barrier party. They have to process this information, which can take up to about one minute.

My guest can't drive in or out, the transactions indicate that the card is not valid yet. How is this possible?

In the CAT system, the option exists to determine per card type between which points in time a specific card is valid. For this reason, it could happen that your guest tries to drive in or out at a moment in time at which the card is not valid in CAT, even though the validity is correct in Booking Experts. This results in the message "Card is not valid yet".

Please contact your account manager at CAT to adjust this.

The entrance card at MOOV is still in "Concepts", what is going wrong?

It is possible that you create a booking, after which you enter the tag number while the booking is still in "not yet confirmed" status. The system will then, if rules have been made to indicate this, create a new card for this.

Shortly after the booking can be confirmed. The task that synchronizes the card runs periodically, so it is possible that the card is still in concepts.

To expedite this you can make the card active yourself by synchronizing it. To do this, click on Edit at the card and then click on Synchronize.

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