Blocking accommodation for rental

Accommodations can be blocked for rent for a certain period, for example for rebuilding.

Blocking individual accommodation

1. Search for the accommodation you want to block for rental by using the General Search field;
2. Under availability, click on the day in the calendar on which you want to add a blocked period;
3. Next, click on New blocked period;


4. Enter a start and end date and give the reason of the blocking and click Save;


5. The blocked period is now shown in the calendar. You can edit or delete this period by clicking on the specific period on the calendar.


Blocking grouped type

Blocking a grouped type works in the same way as is described above. However, it is possible that because the grouped type is blocked, the underlying accommodations have to be blocked as well. This does not happen automatically. With a grouped type you get the option to copy a blocked period to underlying types.


Attention! This is only to create blocked periods. When you wish to edit or delete a blocked period this will have to happen on the individually linked accommodations.

Blocking accommodation on behalf of the owner

In case the owner has the possibility to create/edit blocked periods, you can create a blocked period on behalf of the owner. The owner can delete or edit this blocked period himself if required.

Blocking owners

Overview blocked periods

There is an overview in Booking Experts in which you can see which blocked periods have been created. You can filter this overview by period, and export it if desired. You also have the option to import blocked periods.

1. Go to the Accommodations tab;
2. Select Blocked periods in the submenu to the right;
3. In the filter, you have the option to select a specific period, for example, only blocked periods in the future.
4. You can export the blocked periods using Export.

You can import an overview of blocked periods. You can download a sample file by clicking on Import. You can then fill this in to import it.

Geblokkeerde periode

Blocking via the planning board

It is also possible to block a period through the planboard.

Blocking via planboard

Select the period and create a blocked period.

Creating blocking
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