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You can send a review form to any guest who is checking out from a park. You can put this review form together yourself, possibly even for each rental segme.

1. Create review form
2. Viewing reviews
3. Statistics
4. Import reviews
5. Edit review
6. Search review
7. Frequently asked questions

Please note! You need 'insight' permissions to be able to see this section. If you don't see the Review section in the sub menu, you don't have the necessary permissions.

Create review form

1. Go to the  Reservations tab;
2. Choose  Review forms from the submenu on the right side;
3. Click on  New;
4. Choose the  Rental segment for which you want to create the form or choose All if the form applies to all types;
5.  Question: Write the question you want to ask the guest; you can write possible translations using the little flag;
6.  Answer: Determine the kind of answer the guest can give to the question;
7.  Does not apply: If you want it to be possible for the guest to indicate that the question doesn't apply to them, they will have that possibility;
8.  Add another one: Click on Add another one if you want to add another question to the form;
9. Click on  Add review form to save the form.

You will now see an example of the review form the way the guest would receive it. If you want to activate the review, you can do so here. 

Viewing reviews

You can take a closer look at submitted reviews. You can see which reviews have come in during a certain time frame, what the average score for each aspect is and which reactions have been given.

1. Go to the  Reservations tab;
2. Choose  Reviews from the submenu on the right side;
3. Select the  period for which you want to see Reviews.

Filter: Using the filter, you can view reviews for each type of review form, the period in which the form needs to be submitted, you can filter on visible on the website or not or filter on answered or not.
Eye: By checking or unchecking this, you decide whether the evaluation should be visible on the website.
Return: You can respond to a review. Because this communication is outside this system, it's important to check here that a reaction was given.
#: Each review has a unique number. By clicking on this number you'll see the logs related to this review; for example, by whom or when an review was set to online.
Balloon: The visitor has left a reaction. By clicking on the balloon you can view this reaction.



In the review statistics you can see the score for each aspect. If you click on the score, you will see all the reviews with that particular score.

1. Go to the  Reservations tab;
2. Choose  Statistics from the submenu on the right side;
3. Then click on a bar chart to see the reviews of the concerning aspect with that score. Using the filter, you can see the reviews for each type of evaluation form, the period in which the form should be submitted, you can filter on visible on the website or not or you can filter on answered or not.


4. Optionally, you may download and fill in a sample file;
5. Select the file that you would like to import and click on  Upload;
6. The following screen shows how many lines have been imported or have actually failed. After checking you can download the file with the failed lines. The last field of the export explains why these lines could not be imported. If you change this you can upload the modified file again by following the steps above. 


Edit review

Search review

You can search for a review by name of the guest, number of the review or accommodation number.

1. Go to the tab  Reservations;
2. Choose in the submenu on the right for  Reviews;
3. Enter in the  search field the criteria you want to search for.

search review

Frequently asked questions

When I click Reply, nothing happens. What should I do?
Behind the  Reply button is a mailto link which should ensure that your mail client is opened and that an email with the mail address of the client is created. When this does not happen, it is caused by your mail client's settings. If you are working with Outlook, you might be able to resolve the issue using this article on the Internet.

Do you have a link with Zoover that allows the reviews from Booking Experts to be placed on Zoover?
There is no link with parties such as Zoover and Tripadvisor. They never import ratings from external parties because they no longer have control over them. This way you would be able to easily influence your ratings on Zoover/Tripadvisor.

Why is the average grade of the reviews of an accommodation on the owner page not equal to the average grade in the statistics and again different in the CMS?

  • For the owner: Here the average per year is used, and then the average of all years together;
  • With the reviews in the statistics: Here the average of all reviews together is used;
  • CMS: Bases the grade on the most recent 10 reviews so there is more incentive for owners to make the next group of guests happy.

How many questions from the assessment form are shown on the website?

The question shown on the website is the one in Booking Experts that is characterized as Feedback for the website. This is one question. This is often a general question such as 'What did you think of your stay?'. A full review form is not shown on the website, because a visitor wants to read reviews from different guests at a glance.

I have marked a review as visible, but I do not see this review on the website. How is this possible?

The reason that the review of a guest is not displayed on the website is because no question in the evaluation form, which is sent to the guest, has been marked as ‘  Feedback for the website ’. As a result the review is not displayed on the website.

To who and when is the email with weekly results sent?

Once a week we send the weekly results. Here you can see the reviews that stand out. Everyone who has access to the reviews receives the weekly results.

How far back in time are reviews included in the search & book?

We only include reviews up to 2 years back in the calculation and display on the site.
Do reviews that are set to 'not visible' count towards the average?
These reviews do count for the average rating. These reviews are just not shown in the search & book in terms of textual rating.
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