Create a new reservation

General reservation

1. General reservation:
By clicking the yellow button in the header. This will begin a general reservation where you can search for a suitable accommodation/period etc.

If you book a reservation this way, the system will select similar accommodations based on realized rent revenues. The system compares the rent revenues over the past six months and the upcoming 12 months. This way, owners are assured similar rent revenues.


From a specified accommodation

2. Creating a reservation directly from a specific accommodation:
1. Go the the  Accommodations tab;
2. In the submenu on the right, select  Accommodations;
3. Select the accommodation for which you wish to create a reservation;
4. Select New reservation.

From the planning board

3. Creating a booking from the planboard:

1. Open the  Planboard; 
2.  Click at the day of arrival; 

Planboard reservation

3. Create reservation; 

4. Complete the reservation with the guest information. The reservation will appear in the planning board as well. 

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