How long is a booking reserved by the site?

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When a visitor on the site wishes to make a reservation, he will first select a period and view accommodations. When the visitor clicks the  Book button, the reservation process will start and the reservation will be visible in back-office at Reservations - Unconfirmed.

If the reservation is not completed and a new search is started or a different period is selected, the old reservation will be deleted as soon as the  Book button is clicked again. This makes sure the visitor can only have 1 active search and prevents multiple reservations from 1 visitor to be displayed in back-office.

No personal details - 20 minutes
The visitor receives a notification in the screen of the still active reservation. The visitor then has 20 minutes to complete the reservation. If the visitor takes no action, the reservation will be deleted from the system after 20 minutes and the period will become available again to other visitors.

With personal details - 8 hours
If the visitor has filled in their personal details, the reservation will remain open for 8 hours. After this time, the park receives a notification with these details so contact can be made with the visitor.

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