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This article explains how to make and send option bookings.

1. Create option
2. Extend option
3. Convert option to booking through backoffice
4. Resend option
5. Option through front office
6. Frequently Asked Questions

You can convert a booking to an option if you want give a guest the opportunity to think about whether or not they want to place a booking. You can create an option if the booking does not have an arrival for at least 1 day.

Create option

You can confirm a booking as an option with a visitor. The visitor then has x amount of days to confirm the reservation by paying the invoice. The booking can also be confirmed through backoffice. You make an option at booking level and not at reservation level. In other words, if there is a group booking, the option is made for all underlying reservations.

1. Create a reservation without confirming this to the guest;
2. Choose More;
3. Then choose Option;
4. Select the amount of nights this option should be open Option;
5. Then select Create Option;
6. Confirm the option as you would a booking through email or regular mail. The visitor receives a message with payment link. When payment is made the booking is confirmed. If the visitor does not take action, they will receive a reminder 1 day before the end of the deadline, and the park also receives a reminder email. If no further action is taken, the booking is automatically canceled. In addition, the option can also be converted directly to a reservation. This is possible for both a channel and a backoffice booking. The option with invoice does not have to be sent first.

Extend option

You can extend an option about to expire for a specific period.

1. Go to the Reservation tab;
2. Choose the Options filter and click Search;
3. Select the option you wish to extend;
4. Choose More;
5. Choose Option;
6. Select the period for how long you wish to extend the option;
7. Reconfirm the option with the guest.

Convert option to reservation through backoffice

When an option is sent to a guest, her or she can convert the option to a booking via a payment link. You can also manually convert this option through the backoffice to a booking. This applies to both backoffice and channel booking.

1. Go to the Reservations tab;
2. Select the Options tab;
3. Select the option you want to renew;
4. Click on Convert option to reservation.

Resend option

When you have created a booking as an option, you can send this option again if it has not yet been confirmed.

1. Go to the Reservations tab;
2. Select the Options tab;
3. Select the option you want to renew;
4. Select Resend option manually or by email.

Option through frontoffice

You can choose to allow a visitor, who wants to make a booking that is 6 weeks or more in the future, to first choose an option. In this case an option can be made through the front office and the visitor still has a few days to decide whether the option should be converted into a reservation or if they want to cancel the option. You can decide for yourself how long this period is.

Set up option through frontoffice

To give the visitor this opportunity, you need to set this up in the other organization settings.

1. Click on the Gear Icon to go to the administration settings;
2. Next, in the right submenu, click Other organization settings;
3. Select the Other tab.
4. Indicate the number of days of reflection time that the visitor has when making an option. If you do not want to use an option for the front office at all, you can also select that in the dropdown menu;
5. Indicate the maximum of options you allow a visitor to create through the frontoffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can an option remain under unconfirmed reservations after the deadline has expired? 

There can be two reasons for this. First you can have made an option that was not sent to the guest. As a result, the option has not yet been definitively put into effect and will not be automatically canceled if no payment is made.

The second reason is if you make an option via the backoffice, the option will be reset to Not yet confirmed reservations if the payment term has expired and the guest has not made payment. This is because the option comes from the backoffice channel and in this way it keeps you in control of the guest who may want to stay and you can approach him again.

  • I cannot confirm the option, how do I do this?

When creating an option you indicate how many nights an option can stay open before it is automatically canceled. By doing so the guest is not notified of the option and so the option is not yet "active". To convert an option, it has to have been sent to the guest, after which you can convert it to a confirmed booking.

  • Where can I see that my reservation is created as option, or not?

For example, it can happen that an owner is interested in how many of his bookings have come in through an option. You can not see it in one overview, but when you make an export of the confirmed booking, you can see if the booking came in through an option or not.

When you open the export, you will see that β€˜Created as option' says 0 or 1. If there is a 1, then this booking has been created as an option. If there is 0, then this booking has not been created as an option.

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