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This article explains how to enter guests personal information.

When you use the Module Guest list you can save the personal information of every visitor.

1. Using the General Search, search the reservation you want to enter information for.
2. Choose Edit;
3. Select Guest list;

guest list

4. Enter the requested information of the guests;
5. Click on Save Reservation;
6. If wanted, you can export the list by clicking Export;
7. If you want to delete a guest from the overview, you can tick the option Delete guest from guest list and save the changes;
8. Click on the reservation number to return to the reservation.

guest list

Please note: Do you request a guest's passport number via the guest list? Then we make it illegible after departure, except for employees with a management role. See left for an example before check-in and right for an example after check-out. 

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