EET CZ Configuration

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In this article you can read how to set up the EET CZ configuration and link it to Booking Experts. When you are situated in the Czech Republic and your native currency is CZK, you should update the EET CZ configuration to allow the system to fetch EET receipts for every payment made.

1. Requirements
2. Configuration
3. Registering sales
4. EET Response Verification
5. Troubleshooting


Before starting to register sales, you must ask the Financial Authority for the authentication (access) data, which allows you to log in to the EET portal. After logging in, you need to register your business premises and generate a certificate for the registration of sales. This certificate can then be used to set up a connection between Booking Experts and the EET portal.

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The image below shows an example configuration for the EET CZ PlayGround portal. The EET PG portal can be used to test your configuration. In 'operational mode', it will supply example EET (FIK) codes, but does not register a payment as an official sale.

Image of the EET CZ configuration page

When you have verified your configuration works correctly, you can switch to the Production environment to start registering incoming sales. A requirement for this to work is that you have properly set your certificate details. EET might give you a PKCS12 (.p12) certificate, which you need to convert to PEM first using the following command:

openssl pkcs12 -in file.p12 -out file.pem -nodes

Registering sales

After configuration, every payment that will be made on an invoice or POS sale will be registered to EET and the returned FIK code will be shown in the list of payments. It will also be reflected on the invoice or receipt PDF to allow a customer to verify the payment with EET.

Image of a POS receipt with FIK code

EET response verification

By clicking on a FIK code or going to the overview of all EET receipts, you can check the last response of every sent EET receipt. In case of errors, for example caused by misconfiguration or maintenance of the EET portal, you can see the last response received here. When a receipt has not successfully been processed (yet), you can try to submit the receipt manually and check for errors. 

Image of the EET receipt details page
EET receipt


  • My payment yields the internal receipt identifier instead of a FIK code!
    • When an EET receipt cannot successfully be submitted, the internal receipt identifier is yielded instead as a reference. This ensures that sales can still be made when the EET portal is in maintenance. It will automatically be updated to the FIK code when the receipt has been submitted successfully.
  • When submitting a receipt, it fails and yields the error message 'Neither PUB key nor PRIV key'
    • Your SSL certificates for accessing the EET portal are not configured correctly. Please verify your EET CZ settings.

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