Standard ledger accounts

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Booking Experts uses a number of standard ledger accounts to generate financial overviews. You have the option to change ledger numbers to make them correspond to your own general ledger accounts.

Standard accounts:

1000 Cash Balance Cash payments
1010 Bank suspense account Balance Bank payments
1020 Electronic suspense account Balance Electronic payment
1030 Payment provider suspense account Balance For parties such as Buckaroo
1040 Save suspense account Balance Deposited money from cash register to safe
1300 Reservations Balance For reservation invoices (debtors guests)
1310 Channels Balance For reservation invoices to channels (debtors channels)
1320 POS suspense account Balance Account cash register until closing cash register
1600 Owners Balance For invoices to owners 
1700 Pre invoiced turnover Balance To allow revenue to be booked as an income at the final date of booking
1701 Post invoiced turnover Balance
1800 To be paid VAT high Balance
1801 To be paid VAT low Balance
1810 To collect VAT high Balance
1811 To collect VAT low Balance
2010 Settlements Balance Used to settle invoices in case of credit invoice with reservations.
2020 Paid by batch Balance
Uncategorized payments Balance All uncategorized payments. Theoretically this account should always be empty.
4900 Write-offs Result To write off invoices
4910 Payment differences Result
8000 Rent revenue Result Standard account for rent revenue
Uncategorized costs Result If no ledger account is known for the invoiced article
Uncategorized incomes Result If no ledger account is known for the invoiced article
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