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An invoice is always first created as a draft if it is made in the backoffice. This applies to both reservation invoices and owner invoices. The draft invoice must still be checked and then sent. This can be done either by mail or manually.

1.Open the reservation for which you want to send the invoice (the invoice can be found at the bottom of the page);
2. The yellow header will state that the reservation (and so the invoice) has not been confirmed yet. You can either choose to confirm the reservation and send the invoice or to cancel the reservation (and the invoice); 

draft invoice

3. Click  Confirm and send invoice;
4. On the left you will find the details of the draft invoice;
5. With the  Payment schedule the standard payment term is set, based on the down payment policy which is entered. It is possible to deviate from this to (manually) entering a different payment term;

send invoice

6. You have the possibility to send the invoice by e-mail or manually. Select the desired option. If there is no e-mail address, only the manual option is displayed;
7. If you choose to send the confirmation manually (by post) you can download and print the message that is on your screen.

The text in the e-mail template can be changed if required. For example, you can include deviating appointments (which you have made with the guest) in the standard template.

Note: A draft invoice is not included in the payment reminders and no payment log can be updated on it either. Therefore it is important that draft invoices are sent.

pay invoices
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